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How long after milk comes ut of a chihuahuas teets does she give birth?

My chihuahua is pregnant, i think and i was told that if milks comes out when you squeeze her teets that she will give birth soon

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A female dog will have a small amount of milk in her teats approximately 3 days, (sometimes 5 days), before giving birth . If you want to monitor the mom-to-be closely, you can take her rectal temperature 2x daily, It should average at 100-102 degrees until 24 hours before giving birth. At that time, her temperature will drop to 98-99 degrees, She will also stop eating at that time. This holds true of most dogs. If she follows you around, sit with her at her whelping site until she calms down and the labor begins. (My own dogs would not relax until I would do this-they are toys as well). Good luck!---PetCaretaker

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Every dog is different.

Mostly they first have clear milk, but it gets whiter by the time they are ready to whelp. Whelping is having puppies. Usually right before they whelp it is actually thicker and slightly yellow. However you will not want to be trying to milk your dog regularly as this will make her angry and could even make her sore, especially if you do not know what you are doing (if you have no experience milking a dog).

Knowing when she is due is a good thing, hopefully you know when she was bred. Calculate a whelping date 57-65 days later, with 63 being average. If you took her to the vet during her pregnancy they might even tell you a better idea on the date and how many pups she is expecting.

The most trustworthy way of knowing when a dog is going to whelp is by their temperature, when it drops below 98.5 then you will have pups within 24 hours. Make plans to take the day off to stay with her at that point.

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How long after milk comes ut of a chihuahuas teets does she give birth?

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